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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


 Question:  How long does it take to receive my shoes/boots if I live in the USA? 

Answer: Once your payment clears it usually takes around 10 - 14 days.  Sometimes it is much faster.  It all depends on the load at the warehouse.

Question: I live outside the USA, how long does shipping take?

Answer: Check the section on International shipping for details.  But once your boots/shoes arrive in my office I send them according to your choice of 3 - 5 days or 6 - 10 days International shipping.  So far, everyone's orders have arrived on time.

Question:  Are all of the styles on this site in stock at your store location?

Answer:  No.  When you place your order we order the products directly from Pleaser USA/Demonia in California.  They own the designs, the factories, and the warehouse.  Anyone who sells these products orders from the same warehouse in California.  Therefore, sometimes when we place our order, the warehouse tells us they are temporarily out of stock.  This simply means they are making more of them.  So, sometimes, though not often, we have to wait for the factories to make more product.  However, anyone who has had to wait will tell you it was definately worth the wait once they have their awesome shoes/boots on their feet and everyone is saying "where did you get those?"

Question:  Do you accept money orders?

Answer: Yes, we will accept a money order from a USA bank or a United States Postal Money Order.

Question: Do you have speedy shipping available?

Answer: Yes we do.  If you need fast shipping call me directly before you order. (cell phone 607-280-0374)  I will check with the warehouse to be sure they have what you want.  Then, i will need your mailing address to give to them.  Warehouse will give me shipping rates and choices and i will tell you what they are.  You choose the one you want and place your order with that amount.  It takes a couple of phone calls or emails but we work together and do everything possible to meet your needs.  It is all about team work with you when you need fast shipping.

Question: Will you accept a cashier's check?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you accept Western Union?

Answer: Yes as long as the total amount is in USA currency and is the total amount for your order including shipping and handling.

Question: Do you accept credit cards?

Answer:  Yes, when you check out you will have a choice of using your credit cards.  Credit cards are handled for us by a third party banking institution to be sure you are protected and your transaction secure.


Question:  I want to order the glitter boots, does the glitter come off and leave a trail behind me?

Answer: I own all the Stack-301 glitter color boots and my partner owns the Mary Janes in pink and red glitter.  The glitter does not flake off.  Pleaser explains that the glitter is not applied but actually in the fabric that is used to make the shoes.  I don't understand that exactly but i can attest that they do not leave a trail when we wear them.  I have not worn them in the rain or snow, and i don't think i would try that, i usually carry them in  a shoe bag and put them on when i get to my destination.  By the way, they are so beautiful in any lighting.

Question:  I am a guy and afraid I am going to fall off these 4 inch platforms.... any suggestions?  I don't want to break my ankles.  help!

Answer: I have worn just about all the Demonia styles for men out in the public and even some of the female unisex boots with the tall heels.  When i walk in them i just think about keeping my feet on center, not leaning to the right or to the left side of the foot as i walk along.  I think in the last ten years i have tripped over something or a crack in the sidewalk three or four times.  Once i fell.  My ankles were fine but my knees and hands were banged up.  A couple of times i lost my balance and started go off the left or right side of a foot.  I simply pulled my leg muscles and got back on balance quickly with just a slight sway in my step.  I felt nervous and felt my face turn hot when it happened but didn't fall.  I have had two friends insist on wearing my real tall platforms (stack-301 and the Mega's) and they were not careful and fell off them in minutes.  Both of them caused the boot to separate from the crepe platform, and they fell to the ground without hurting their ankles.  Most of the Demonia boots are glued to the platforms to keep the cost down.  Sometimes the boot separates from the platform.  When this happens I take them to the local shoe repair and have them glued and they are good as new again.  Pleaser/Demonia does not promise the boot will come off in a fall, but my experience is that is what happens and so ankles are pretty much safe.  I have never heard of any guys breaking ankles wearing these awesome shoes.

Question:  What is the difference between patent, pu, stretch, and leather material?

Answer From Pleaser USA: Patent, either patent leather or patent pu, the latter being a man made material, has a very shiny, almost mirror like appearance. Pu, short for polyurethane, is a semi-shiny to non-shiny man made material designed to be less expensive than leather. Stretch, either patent or pu, is a thin, stretchable material, which allows it to fit to the contours of the feet or legs. Leather, usually having a supple and comfortable feel and with a texture pattern, is the highest quality material of all used in shoemaking.

Question: I see some glue on my shoes, how can I safely remove it?  

Answer From Pleaser USA: Use lighter fluid.  Ordinary lighter fluid applied to a white rag will remove the glue.  You can also use glue thinner which can be purchased from any shoe repair shop.

Question: Are the zippers easy to break?

Answer:  Some of the zippers are plastic and some are metal.  It depends on the material or the fabric the boot/shoe is made of.  In general, one should not grab a zipper and race up or down the zipper.  Take your time.  There is always a zipper inner lining and it is important to run your finger along as you zip or unzip ahead of the zipper so you do not catch the zipper lining in the zipper and snag or worse, push it off track, or even worse break it.  Some of the metal zippers on the more rugged styles work better with a very small amount of spray lubricant.  Treat your quality footware with quality care and they will last for a very long time.

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