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Note: All prices in US Dollars is a company committed to meeting the needs of various alternative lifestlyes with extraordinary, unconventional, high quality, innovative, cutting edge and diverse footware and accessories.

 We will sell all styles to persons of any age and gender if we have the size you need.

We ship discretely, and we love direct communication with our customers by phone and email. 

We believe anyone should have access to shoes and boots of any style with no barriers or restictions such as "men's" or "women's" shoes.  Does a shoe or a boot or an accessory have a gender or a sexual orientation?  No.  Therefore, we welcome all persons of any sexual orientation, any gender, any gender expression, transgender, cross dressers, entertainers, performers, drag queens, drag kings, male to female, female to male, gender bending teens, club kids, fetish community, sexy vixens, goth, fantasy community, costume and drama commuities, anyone from anywhere to order and wear our products.  We will assist you in any way we can to explore your style potentials.  We are committed to helping you express yourself.

 To date the only company we have found that meets our goals is Demonia/Pleaser USA, Inc.  All of our UniSexShoeStore footware products are designed and produced by this awesome company unless clearly noted on the product page or product description.  Pleaser USA, Inc. started in 1993 and has evolved in to a specialty footware "powerhouse serving exclusively the needs of various alternative lifestyles."  (from the Pleaser USA Inc. website) Over the next months look for all the products of the divisions of Pleaser USA, including, but not limited to Pleaser, Demonia, Devious, Lucious, and Funtasma. Visit the Pleaser USA, Inc. website and if you find a product you would like to purchase copy the product name and email us with the size and color you want and we will order it for you at the lowest possible price.  The public cannot order directly from Pleaser USA, Inc., but UniSexShoeStore can order it for you so visit them today at and choose one of their lines of products from the left side of the home page and find those fantasy shoes of your dreams.  Email us with the name of the product you found on their website and we will order it for you and ship it directly to you in discrete packaging.  You are always welcome to call us with your questions at 607-280-0374. 



DEMONIA’s cutting-edge, beyond-the-ordinary line of footwear was designed outside of the mainstream box, catering to the alternative, defiant, and un-conforming individual who seeks the ultimate form of self-expression. Its meaning, female demon, does not exclude the male fans of DEMONIA’s underground culture; rather, it’s the connotation of the demonic diva that conveys DEMONIA’s no nonsense, take-no-prisoner attitude.

DEMONIA footwear offers a vast collection of edgy footwear for both men and women, in a variety of styles and accessories for every occasion and every outfit - from sandals to Mary Janes, from creepers to platform shoes and boots. In addition, DEMONIA caters to a wide variety of subcultures. From retro to vintage, from funky to club wear, from gothic to punk rock, DEMONIA’s creators take inspiration from every aspect of the alternative lifestyle. When it comes to alternative shoe needs, Demonia is one of the premium brands customers think of. It not only reflects the alternative lifestyle, it defines it.

After over a decade of endeavoring to become the ultimate name in sexy shoes, PLEASER is today synonymous with premium sexy and exotic footwear; and it has become a standard which all others are judged by. Attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, fine materials, unique designs and unbeatable prices have helped establish PLEASER as the top choice among performers and sexy shoe enthusiasts. With an expansive presence in over 40 countries, PLEASER is the one of the most recognizable sexy shoe brands in the world.

In recent years, PLEASER’s product offering has blossomed into an enormous variety of dressy, elegant, fashionable, sensual and retro styles. More than just part of work attire, PLEASER’s cutting-edge styles are seeping into every aspect of sexy vixens’ lifestyles.


Lush, exotic, and one-of-a-kind, the 100% U.S. made LUCIOUS footwear is the epitome of instant glamour. Decidedly flashy and trendy with unique details and novel touches, this collection is hand crafted with the most gorgeous materials and superb workmanship.

LUCIOUS embodies the essence of quality and allure, featuring a dazzling array of exotic prints, luxurious fabrics, flamboyant colors, and daring, one-of-a-kind constructions that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


DEVIOUS is a fetish footwear collection consisting of both the 100% U.S.-handmade and imported styles that cater to the craving of every discerning connoisseur. From dominating metal spike heels to titillating ballerina shoes, from psycho geisha wood bottoms to sky-high 9” platforms, the DEVIOUS collection of footwear offers more than just individuality; it’s the ultimate extension for every dictating dominatrix and surrendering submissive. Ultimately, DEVIOUS is the shoe to “play” with.

“Wear Wild Shoes”

"If it fits your feet it is yours to keep."

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